About Us

 “I have found great freedom. I want to give God thanks. He has given me good things—health, peace, a good husband, a good family.”

—ASHOKA, survivor of the sex trade in Kolkata, India


At Stop Traffick Fashion, we’re all about women around the world like Ashoka. Started in 2009, Stop Traffick Fashion provides opportunities and hope for survivors of human trafficking, while offering you stunning ethical fashion. Survivors and those at-risk of human trafficking make all of our products and are paid a fair wage for their work. This empowers them to create a sustainable income and live a free, happy life. In addition, a portion of all sales revenue is donated back to organizations that rescue victims and provide rehabilitation and training for victims of human trafficking. So whatever you buy, from T-shirts to handbags to jewelry, you’re helping someone make a fresh, free start in life—and freedom is a beautiful thing.

Visit our resource pages to learn more about human trafficking and ethical fashion. To find out more about the people who make our products, visit our Stories Page. For more information on our products and our company, visit our Frequently Asked Questions—plus, find out how you can get involved in supporting ethical fashion and the fight against human trafficking.


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