Consumer Follow Through in Ethical Fashion

Yesterday we posted some ethical fashion tips for your holiday shopping. A few weeks ago we posted about which apparel companies make ethical fashion. As consumers demand it, there’s more and more information about safety, fairness, and ethics all along the supply chain. It’s encouraging to me to be able to seek and find information in order to make the best choices when I’m shopping.

But we have to follow through.

When answering the question Is ethical shopping headed for the mainstream? this article at the Ethical Fashion Source says that even when we hold corporations responsible for their actions, the end result is still determined by consumers.

The question remains whether consumers will follow through on their calls for transparency with concrete action. It remains to be seen whether, when given the opportunity to make ethical choices, consumers will prioritise factors of sustainability and responsibility over other powerful influences in the buying thought process.

Consumers are a fickle lot. Led by both head and heart, our buying decisions fluctuate according to many, sometimes conflicting, factors. Debating whether to buy a new bag, for example, involves considerations of seasonal trends, brand loyalty, price, materials, etc. And more recently, a desire to know the wider impact of the purchase. More than ever, we want to know the story behind what we’re spending our money on – from how the materials were sourced to how many hands the product has passed through to reach us.


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