Free, Loved, Radiant for the Holidays! *Plus Ethical Shopping Tips*

Gift-giving tells a lot about the person giving the gift. It also says a lot about the person receiving the gift. At Stop Traffick Fashion, our products also tell the story of the women who created them.

Our t-shirts, bags, and jewelry are all made by women who are survivors of human trafficking or who are at risk of being trafficked. While their pasts are heartbreaking and uncertain, a quick look around our shop will show you that their present and future are anything but: “I am free. I am loved. I am radiant.”

Share their voices of hope with your family and friends this Christmas.

Looking for some tips on what to buy (in addition to your gifts from STF, of course)? Check out these recommendations by our favorite bloggers, including Stop Traffick Fashion and other great ethical shopping choices:


Emily founded Stop Traffick Fashion in 2009. She’d been becoming more and more involved in the abolitionist movement, and she decided to start STF as an opportunity to bring together the best of all products made by survivors of trafficking. She hopes her response to trafficking will inspire others to take action, even in a small way. Emily lives in Bend, Oregon, enjoys traveling, and has visited Hagar International and StopStart in Cambodia.

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