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Some of the best ethical fashion habits go along well with being on a tight budget—like buying thrift, repurposing old clothes, and having fewer outfits. But having money doesn’t mean you have to put off thrifty, ethical habits. Livia Firth, who’s a United Nations Leader of Change and has an ethical fashion collection (and is the wife of Hollywood star Colin Firth), still makes a habit of darning her kids’ socks and dressing them in hand-me-downs. She reminds us that we have a choice in the way we live and we don’t have to fulfill others’ expectations of what’s important in our lives. Here’s more about her downright counter-cultural habits.

[Firth] chooses to instil her thrifty values into 11-year-old Luca and nine-year-old Matteo, rather than just buying multi-packs of socks from M&S.

“I mend. I know often it’s easier to throw away a sock with a hole in and buy a new one than mend it, but I don’t do that,” Livia confessed, to The Sun. The economical Italian also confessed that the aforementioned clothes (and possibly socks) are from “hand-me-downs with friends.”

And rather than see Luca and Matteo caught up in the flurry of the A-list lifestyle, Livia noted that the young brothers get to relax and enjoy her sewing on “pyjama weekends” where, with the shelves stocked with wholesome, organic produce (Livia confesses she has “brainwashed” the pair into only choosing ethical supermarket brands) she makes clear “We don’t do anything. We don’t go away. The kids need rest!”

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