Much to Be Thankful For

There’s lots to be thankful for this time of year. From food to family to finances, most of us have quite a few things going for us. But just like looking past myself in hard times helps me broaden my perspective, being thankful for things beyond my own life enriches this thankful time of year.

So here are a few organizations and people doing good around the world that I am very thankful for. They are changing lives in ways that I never could even imagine. They’re empowering women and fighting human trafficking in very real, very powerful ways.

  • IJM is on the front lines around the world, rescuing victims of human trafficking and prosecuting criminals. Their work is dangerous and powerful.
  • Hagar works to protect women and children from violence, rehabilitate victims of trafficking, and equip at risk kids and families with skills for success.
  • The Polaris Project empowers citizens and connects them to law enforcement in order to fight human trafficking.
  • Restavek Freedom Foundation works to provide safe homes and education for impoverished kids in Haiti.
  • Call + Response is motivating and equipping people to use their skills and their buying power to end human trafficking.
  • Half the Sky highlights the devastating problems women and girls face around the world—and showcases the powerful ways these problems can be solved.
  • World Vision works to meet the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of at-risk communities around the world.
  • Theresa Flores and Somaly Mam are survivors of human trafficking who are lending the voices to the fight for freedom.

Find out more about human trafficking.
Shop ethical fashion made by survivors.
Be a part of the solution: Be part of Stop Traffick Fashion.


Emily founded Stop Traffick Fashion in 2009. She’d been becoming more and more involved in the abolitionist movement, and she decided to start STF as an opportunity to bring together the best of all products made by survivors of trafficking. She hopes her response to trafficking will inspire others to take action, even in a small way. Emily lives in Bend, Oregon, enjoys traveling, and has visited Hagar International and StopStart in Cambodia.

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