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Prepping For Winter – Clothing and Fashion Tips for Women
August 22, 2016 Homepage fashionista

As winter approaches it is important to start to consider options for your winter weather wear and planning your wardrobe for the ensuing months.  This year is especially important because of the predicted severity of the winter due to weather patterns like El Nino. Getting your bearings and outlook correct for the coming months should help you to be prepared, perhaps even saving some money when you start buying clothes early (as opposed to waiting until the demand and prices are at the highest).

Winter Weather Outlook for 2017

In fact, the Farmer’s Almanac predicts that the Northern United States will experience everything from “Ice Cold & Snow Filled” to “Numbing Cold and Snowy”.  Last year was apparently not as bad due to the beginning of El Nino, but old man winter is “back with a vengence” this year.  This means that if your wardrobe was bent towards a more mild weather pattern, you might need to pick up a few items to adjust for this years outlook.

Just take a look at the map for this years Farmer’s Almanac outlook:


So how do you go about choosing your winter wear for this coming year?  We’ve put together a few different tips for you based on your lifestyle.

How Active Are You?  A Guide for Outdoor Runners, etc.

Your choice of attire will largely depend on your daily activity.  If you are simply a commuter that only spends a short time during the morning and evening outdoors, you’ll like just need a large, comfy winter jacket for women.  If, however, you are more active and spend time outdoors either hiking, running, or other activities, you’ll want some more specific wear for your needs.

For example, many women enjoy running outdoors even in the winter months, for this you should track down the best women’s running jackets for cold weather, as this will get you the exact benefits to fit your criteria.  If you plan on hiking for going on trips outdoors, you should probably pick up some heavy duty boots for women that will both keep you warm and dry and have the grip for the slippery slopes, snowy trails, etc.

Combine this with some warm tights to go underneath your pants.  As we’ve probably heard all our lives, staying warm is all about layers.  Getting this “base layer” of tights beneath your clothes is a great way insure a warm path through the cold winter months.

Some Final Words in Winter Coats and Ethics

If you’ve read our blog you’ll knokw that we focus a lot of attention on the ethics around fashion.  When selecting a coat or other winter wardrobe you should consider your conscience in this matter.  Whether it’s a vegan consideration (avoiding leather, down and other animal products), or its a supply chain consideration (avoiding companies that produce clothes in sweatshops and other exploitative manners), or some other way, we encourage you to follow your conscience when making a decision.  If you want to learn more about the Ethics of fashion you can view our write up that we’ve done here.

We hope this has been helpful, if you have any question or concerns or would like to suggest an addition to the article, shoot us a line via our contact page.