Think Before You Wear

Young UK fashion designer Ada Zanditon shares this advice for environmentally ethical fashion: think before you wear. And the same idea applies to other realms of ethical fashion, including fashion that shuns human trafficking and forced labor. Read more from Ada below, and don’t forget to use the Ethical Shopping Guide and our Ethical Christmas List on Pinterest to help you think before you shop this Christmas.

Ada hadn’t begun to even consider ethical fashion design till she happened to read a paper written by a friend about the impact of fashion on the environment. It was, she admits, a revelation. “I realised that two things I loved doing the most were at odds against each other, and that they didn’t have to be. I could combine my passion for fashion with my love for nature—it was a matter of finding inspiration from and sourcing the right materials.”

“People look at a fur coat and say ‘Oh I won’t buy that because it’s fur, and an animal was hurt during the process.’ Why can’t they look at cotton and synthetic materials the same way?” asks Ada. “I believe that it’s really important for consumers to know what they’re buying, the impact that it will cause on the environment and the alternatives available in the market. Designers need to start incorporating green ethics in to their creations-especially the younger ones who are still learning.”


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Emily founded Stop Traffick Fashion in 2009. She’d been becoming more and more involved in the abolitionist movement, and she decided to start STF as an opportunity to bring together the best of all products made by survivors of trafficking. She hopes her response to trafficking will inspire others to take action, even in a small way. Emily lives in Bend, Oregon, enjoys traveling, and has visited Hagar International and StopStart in Cambodia.

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